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Steve Feldstein's Home Page
Writing & Publications

A Collection of Items I Have Written and Published

Suddenly Bush Believes in International Law - Sacramento Bee

Phnom Penh Detour - TIME Magazine

Manila Detour - TIME Magazine

From Indiana to Rwanda - The Herald Times

Mangos, Cadillac, and Clanking Iron in Big-City Kigali - The Herald Times

Streets of Philadelphia Offer Sobering Sights of Depravity - Daily Princetonian

Seeking An Alternate Lifestyle in Prague - Daily Princetonian

Staying cool during Spring Break with VH1 stars Wyclef and Bono - Daily Princetonian

Laid-back Bradley Campaign Opens Door to Political Process - Daily Princetonian

Has the Asian Millennium Generation Caught Up To Us? - Daily Princetonian

Don't Condemn Bobby Knight for Boorish Behavior - Daily Princetonian

The Role of Truth Commissions in the Democratic Transition - Princeton Journal of Foreign Affairs

Cambodian Comeback - Business Today